We see brokerage compensation differently.

…And so do 50,000+ brokers.

It’s your biggest expense. It impacts your brand. It produces your most complete and trusted activity history. If it breaks, your business stops. If it can’t adapt, your business won’t grow.

With Xtiva, broker-dealers increase net margins, deliver higher service to reps, lower enterprise risk and differentiate their brand. Broker-dealers Count On Us to stay competitive and adapt for new business opportunities.

Count On Us.SM

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CFO: "It was clear after spending some time evaluating other vendors that this is the best fit for our company."

President: "Our firm has experienced tremendous growth and we were in need of a system that could eliminate the manual work we were doing."

  • Grow business more profitably
  • Increase organizational trust
  • Strengthen producer relationships
  • Deliver transparency producers seek
  • Improve your brand to attract reps
  • Gain new business opportunities

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Xtiva-Optimized Compensation
for Performance and Profit


Producers with tunable payout(% of ) producers
Weighted average revenue per producer $ per month
Revenue recapture rate %
Average monthly recapture per producer $
Average total monthly recapture $
Average total annual recapture $