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    Three mistakes to avoid when defining Reasonable Compensation

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  • Why a solid succession plan is in your client’s best interest

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Why a solid succession plan is in your client’s best interest

As a financial advisor, it is part of your job to protect clients from disruptions to your business for one simple reason - it introduces risk that is not in their best interest. Risk that you can and must mitigate for them, by putting in place a comprehensive succession plan, with clear rules as to how and when it kicks in.

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Merrill Lynch refocuses on building a performance culture

With a swift kick, Merrill Lynch is abandoning the aggressive recruiting behavior that has dominated their growth strategy for the past two decades and building a performance culture around sales, service and advice.

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recruiting millennials

The Young & Talented: Steps to Attract Millennial Advisors

Understanding millennials and the distinctive qualities they bring to the workplace is essential for the long-term success of your business. Financial talent consultant Kelli Cruz recommends focusing on five key workplace areas as you seek to engage and motivate your growing millennial team.

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insurance company mandates

Xtiva Wins Two Major Insurance Company Mandates

Xtiva Financial Systems has announced long-term mandates from two of America’s largest insurance companies. These mandates significantly extend Xtiva footprint in this market.

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XtivaCloud - Future-Proof Financial Technology

Technology platforms are increasingly important in determining which financial services companies will survive and thrive in the digital age – and which ones won’t. Financial technology must meet a growing list of requirements in order to succeed – it must be robust and resilient, flexible in managing complex products and business processes, secure and compliant, and scalable in its capacity to integrate ever-growing unstructured data sets.

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referral myths

3 Referral Myths and How They Limit Your Growth

Referrals are a funny business. Despite high levels of client satisfaction, we’re universally frustrated by how difficult it is to translate that goodwill into referrals. I believe there are three, deeply held, beliefs about referrals that get in the way of our success. And until you tackle those myths, it will be hard to generate the referrals you actually deserve.

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