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Through a standard web browser CommissionWeb™ delivers critical performance and payout information daily across everything that impacts net payout – from activity blotters to period performance, from pending to posted payouts, and from NASD licensed to suspended transactions.  Brokers, advisors, branch managers and firm management can all access comprehensive compensation and sales tracking screens complete with trends, rankings, charts, electronic statements and transaction-level detail.

  • Web reporting for reps, branch and firm managers
  • Daily web views of all activity impacting net payout
  • Daily status of all pending payables and any net adjustments
  • Daily status of license, registration, CE and held activity
  • Daily summaries by Day, MTD, QTD, YTD and period-over-period
  • Daily dashboards, blotters, charts, rankings and statistics
  • Daily views of bonus accruals and performance
  • Daily views of splits, overrides and adjustments
  • Interactive drill-throughs, summaries and transaction detail
  • Consolidated statement history and detail
  • Rep-tailorable handling of trail and override detail
  • Ad-hoc and saved searches for self-service reporting
  • Printer-friendly views
  • Single sign-on ready

CommissionWeb™ is integrated with Commission Manager™ to improve firm-wide reporting and consistency between the information that both producers and operations teams use every day.  With CommissionWeb™, broker-dealers increase service and organizational trust across registered reps, branch managers, traders, salespeople, operations, compliance, marketing and firm management.  Producers get accurate payout and performance results quickly and accurately every day.  Operations teams reduce the production calls they receive every day.  Firm and branch managers get the decision support and producer rankings they need to drive the business every day.  With actionable screens, faster results, complete compensation history and the ability to answer questions anytime, anywhere, CommissionWeb™ helps broker-dealers go “paperless” and improve productivity.

With CommissionWeb™ producers are one click from knowing where they stand every day, and can see activity across cleared and direct business, across individually- and team-managed clients, across asset classes and securities, across issuers and carriers, across overrides and adjustments, and more.  Branch managers can see production across branches, and firm management can view production for the whole firm.  With complete and actionable performance information, CommissionWeb™ saves time and improves decisions every day.

With ad-hoc and saved searching CommissionWeb™ lets producers answer their own questions and reduces the time producers spend “shadow accounting” their own production.  With Period-over-period views, period-to-date tear sheets and daily progress updates toward performance goals, it’s easy to find, group and summarize activity and adjustments on-the-fly across a broad set of metrics.  With electronic statements, broker-dealers eliminate the time and expense of producing, mailing and storing paper statements.

Finally, through Xtiva’s License Manager™ module, broker-dealers can also improve compliance surveillance by integrating licensing, registrations, insurance appointments and continuing education, while giving producers a transparent daily picture of the status of their credentials and any held payout.

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