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License Manager™

License Manager™ enables broker-dealers to monitor and manage licensing, state registrations, exams and insurance appointments, as well as regulatory and firm element continuing education.  Integrated with Commission Manager™, License Manager™ helps broker-dealers improve compensation management and compliance by preventing payout on transactions when payees have license, registration and continuing education deficiencies.  With License Manager™, broker-dealers can monitor activity at the rep level on a given transaction, and can also monitor the credentials for any person not on the transaction who might be paid through team sharing, managerial overrides or other sales compensation and incentive rules.  Further, License Manager™ can also validate credentials for activity from direct business sources outside clearing platforms, providing comprehensive checks on all activity regardless of the person paid or the source of the activity.  Using CommissionWeb™, License Manager™ gives producers complete transparency, including access to online views of the status of their credentials and interactive blotters of all approved, pending and suspended transactions.

  • Automate credential tracking (FINRA’s WebCRD® and other sources)
  • Manage state licensing, insurance licenses and carrier appointments
  • Track regulatory and firm element continuing education sufficiency
  • Validate and withhold activity payout for deficiencies
  • Give producers daily transparency with web views violation activity
  • improve surveillance with powerful ad-hoc reporting
  • Speed audits and examinations with historical payee reporting
CFO: "It was clear after spending some time evaluating other vendors that this is the best fit for our company."

President: "Our firm has experienced tremendous growth and we were in need of a system that could eliminate the manual work we were doing."

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